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Toulouse, France · dates coming soon


It’s time to design the life you want.

Independence of any kind is life-changing. Whether it’s financial, professional, or personal, you’re entitled to it. So let’s make it happen.

We’re closing the gap - not just the gender, financial or educational - but the one that is sitting comfortably between your vision and making it a reality.


At the Wayfinders Summit, women from around the world will take action and start building tangible steps to lead a fulfilling life.

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The summit

2024 saw women from around the world unite to inspire, motivate and educate. 


This summit is all about designing the life you want through learning the skills and gaining knowledge about the steps needed to achieve it.


You’ll hear from acclaimed trailblazing women within the finance, technology, business and travel sectors, have the opportunity to take part in immersive experiences and join masterclasses and workshops led by business-savvy pioneers.


Next year we will expand our topics to include Bitcoin education and more.


This will be a creative and powerful space where you can start carving out your own path, network with brilliant individuals, make new connections, and create a global community.


If you’re looking to achieve financial freedom, transition within your career, start a business, or are preparing to embark on a new life in another country… this is the place to be.

The Event
Raj Hayer - LinkedIn - www.linkedin_edited.jpg

Inspirational talks to inspire your own life design goals

Masterclasses and education that focus on "how"  you can take your next steps


Professional development activities to enhance your confidence and next steps for career

Networking opportunities throughout the day and through to the afterparty


Why attend?

When we’re empowered through financial security, knowledge and self-confidence, we create freedom of choice.


Think mixing ideation, imagination and innovation to lift and shift mindsets from ‘maybe, I can’ to ‘Hell yeah, let’s do this!’ 


Life design is the running theme and we want you to become the architect to fuse all of your passions, hopes and dreams for the future and package them into one formidable bundle of power. 


You’ll hear from our tribe of mentors talking about topics such as wealth building and international life design, as well as negotiating the life and career you want with no BS outcomes, whilst networking with trailblazers and having the opportunity to participate in immersive experiences.


And afterwards, Coco Universe will provide the backdrop for our afterparty.


The experience

  • The chance to invest in yourself first and make yourself a priority - one of the best investments you’ll ever make!

  • To hear experts on stage, who will share their stories to inspire you

  • Access real-life tangible support and advice

  • Attain freedom of choice with increased income

  • Access masterclasses to deepen your knowledge of a variety of themes 

  • Clear steps towards wealth building and building investment portfolios

  • Designing your life in practical terms to fund the vision

  • Join unique immersive experiences that enable us to walk the talk

  • Take advantage of optional wellness and coaching offers

  • A community of like-minded supportive individuals and trailblazers

  • Memories of fun, inspirational new experiences and a beneficial escape 

  • An afterparty with dancing, food and drinks to celebrate the day

  • Lead a fulfilling lifestyle that transcends borders or barriers

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Take the first step to realising your goals and building a life that brings you fulfilment. Connect with global leaders and stay for the afterparty, where we’ll dance the night away.

Our sponsors

Our partners

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There are a variety of sponsorship options available to brands who are relevant to our attendees. If you’re looking to join us in contributing towards closing the gap and supporting the UN SDGs, and increasing your brand exposure through reaching a core audience of female leaders from around the world, get in touch or learn more here.

Special Lufthansa Group airlines fares

The Lufthansa Group airlines bring people together - every day, all around the world. The global route network of Austrian Airlines, Lufthansa, SWISS, Brussels Airlines and Eurowings offers optimal connection and combination options, so you will benefit from quick and direct flights to the event. The reduced fares are automatically displayed.

Once your tickets are booked we’ll share the booking platform link and event code.


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