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Calling all globetrotters, jetsetters, and travellers.

Time to design a life of adventure and fulfillment.

Travel, connect and invest. Meet us here.

June 13-15, 2024 · Toulouse, France

Wayfinders Summit Location

Design the life you want.
What is your life design goal?
What steps can you take to build it?

Join us for adventure and activities in a stunning setting, and take your next steps to realise your goals and build abundance in your life.

 Yes, I want to join the waitlist

It’s all about designing the life you want and ensuring you achieve it.


You see, we know that seeking a vibrant and fulfilled life by achieving the right balance of work, connection and memorable experiences is a goal that many of us aim for.

The Wayfinders Summit is not your average conference. In fact, it’s not a conference at all.

It’s an opportunity to benefit from a like-minded network of over 200 brilliant women, gain inspiration and knowledge, and learn how to attain the financial foundations to have the freedom to live the life you want well into the future.

Once you have the mindset and the power to transform and design your world, you can be the catalyst for change to inspire others.


So if you’re looking for an event that's an adventure, brings together authentic human beings, serves up cracking food and ends with a bloody good afterparty, then this is it. Full stop.

The highlights

Every speaking topic will be connected to a masterclass, an activity, or an immersive experience to ensure learning is actionable long after the event. 
Below are just a few ideas of exciting experiences we are considering adding to the agenda. More to come!

A Waiter Serving a Drink
Build your wealth
Mädchen, das in Feld bei Sonnenuntergang läuft


“Reality check for all women”

Successful women who are also successsful on paper with financial freedom. How did they do it? How can you do it? Why does it matter now more than ever? 


“Create action”

Learn actionable first steps in how to gage your appetite for risk, how and why that is a factor in building wealth, as well as how to begin building a porfolio, even if you start at zero. 

Image by Todd Trapani
Design your life
Image by Shane Rounce


“Life design for a lifetime”

Can we dream big? Several distinct careers in a lifetime? What about the dream retirement? It takes intention, resilience and an ability to adapt...and inspiration.


“Creative ideation for creative life design”

Do you give yourself permission to be free? Or dream big? Start by expressing yourself through stories, with a group of likeminded women? Now is the time to get creative and start building.

Free not frozen


“Don’t Freeze”, led by Dr. Andrea Sibylle Claussen, speaks about the freeze or flight default people experience under challenging situations and illustrates how this can be adapted through practice. 


“Freeing Yourself”, with Dr. Andrea Sibylle Claussen

Hosting a free dive masterclass in the on-site pool teaching you to develop body memory and eliminate the freeze or flight instinct during conflicts by learning to control your reactions.

Own your power
Mädchen, das in Feld bei Sonnenuntergang läuft


“Own your power”

We discuss how to recognise the imposter syndrome and recognise that is merely a strategy to make us think we are not qualified or prepared.


“Increase Confidence”

By teaching you how to talk knowledgeably about wine during a wine-tasting masterclass you will level up and wave goodbye to the imposter syndrome.

The event

Why attend this event? We seek to address some of the challenges we have experienced ourselves.


The challenges

  • Connect with like-minded global women 

  • Access real-life tangible support and advice

  • Learn skills that can be actioned immediately

  • Build a fulfilling lifestyle that transcends borders

  • Attain freedom of choice with increased income

  • Invest and create wealth to sustain the desired life

The experience

  • The chance to invest in yourself first and make yourself a priority

  • To hear experts on stage who will share their stories to inspire you

  • Access masterclasses to deepen your knowledge of a variety of themes 

  • Clear steps towards wealth building and building investment portfolios

  • Designing your life in practical terms to fund the vision

  • Join unique immersive experiences that enable us to walk the talk

  • Take advantage of optional wellness and coaching offers

  • A community of like-minded supportive individuals and trailblazers

  • Memories of fun, inspirational new experiences and a beneficial escape 

The location

Opt for a new adventure and step into a different universe at Mas Tolosa.

Located in the outskirts of Toulouse, France, this venue is a unique space with exceptional character.


Perfectly suited to our event, it won’t disappoint.

Pool Area.jpg

A fully renovated French farm estate, the stunning Mas Tolosa combines the authenticity and character of the buildings with modern facilities.


Grand presentation spaces reflect the history with traditional Toulousian bricks - the inspiration behind the city’s name “La Ville Rose” - and glass-fronted rooms transform the vibe into luxe and professional.


Coco Universe is chic meets boho, and head to Coco beach where you’ll be met with a private pool, where we’ll host the diving sessions. There are also three bars and  newly designed coworking spaces.


Well, we said this event was different.


At the heart of the buildings is a green haven where you can catch your breath and relax between sessions.


Easily accessible from the airport (15 minutes) and only 15km from the Place du Capitole, Mas Tolosa is easy to access from the Toulouse city centre.

The price

Make it a

Weekend in Toulouse!

you deserve it, check out our hotel recommendations.


Bienvenue, join the waitlist to reserve your spot at this price. No deposit is required at this time.

€ 495


Your ticket covers you for every event activity, immersive experience, masterclass, optional wellness and coaching offers, as well as food and drinks throughout the day.


Everything taking place on-site from early morning to late night is included.


We also hope you’ll opt to join us for a welcome drink on the evening of June 13, which is on us, too, or for the optional paid activity on June 15. 

We can provide a professional invoice for tax and expense purposes. 


*Flight, hotel, and any external events or activities are not included. Hotel and tour recommendations will be shared with attendees in the new year.

1. Main stage area(1)_FullHD.jpg

Our role

To deliver an event (or retreat) that delivers unique immersive experiences with value-add and inspiration.


What the Wayfinders Summit is

Experts to hear from on stage, the talks

Real-time activities matched to the talks enable us to walk the talk

Clear steps towards your future and experiences that embody learning

What Wayfinders Summit is not

An overbooked and overlooked event

A sales event or corporate event

A stage speaker-only event

Your role

The attendees are the focus. Here is how you, an open-minded global professional woman, can add value and alignment. 


We are looking for attendees who

Don’t just dream it but do it

Have an international mindset, and lived abraod or moved countries/cities before

Value autonomy, independence, and diversity

Push boundaries & try different life models

Embody an adventurous spirit & fun!

Join the waitlist now!

Join us for a decadent day of adventure and activities in a stunning setting and take your next steps to realise your goals and build abundance in your life. Exclusive selection ensures a maximum of 180 like-minded peers in attendance.

The founders

We are three women who have moved countries and changed careers. We are determined to live our best lives whilst enabling you to do the same. 


We believe empowerment and knowledge are a beautiful blend that leads to financial freedom.


Add a dash of fun, and you’re onto a real winner.

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