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The agenda is choc-a-bloc full of fun,

education, and inspirational speakers!

Here are some of the highlights...

The big day is June 14, 2024

Important dates & Proposed agenda

Here is the first glimpse into the agenda, subject to change as we add new and exciting speakers and coaches in the coming months!

Live online session 

May 29, 2024

We want you to arrive ready to maximise your time fully, so we will offer a pre-event session with life design, vision boarding, and other tools, as well as take your questions, to help you prepare for the in-person event. Don't worry–we will record it so you can watch it later.

The evening

June 13, 2024

18:00 - Welcome meet & greet!

You made it, let the fun begin, meet the other attendees, enjoy some drinks and dinner as we prepare for the big day.

June 14, 2024

All inspiration, all morning

07:30 - Arrive and breakfast
08:45 - Welcome
09:15 - Presentations begin 
             4x TEDTalk style with Q&A
10:55 - Coffee Break
11:10 - Presentations continue
             4x TEDTalk style with Q&A
12:50 - Closing
13:00 - Lunch

The morning

The afternoon

All activities and fun, all afternoon

14:00 - Masterclass, Activity, Panel
              Attendees choice!
14:40 - Coffee break | Move Rooms
14:50 - Masterclass, Activity, Panel
              Attendees choice!
15:30 - Coffee break | Move Rooms
15:40 - Masterclass, Activity, Panel
              Attendees choice!
16:20 - Coffee break | Move Rooms
16:30  - Closing thinking part of the day
17:15 - Break before the party!

The evening

19:15 - Party party party

You will have time to go back to the hotel and change, before we serve the first Wayfinders cocktails and networking in style begins!

June 15, 2024

The midday

10:00 - Group activity 

One last fun activity and check-in before we let you explore Toulouse on your own.

Live online session 

June 27, 2024

You won't be left alone as soon as the event is over; we also support you afterwards; we will answer questions, gather feedback and help you implement your learnings from the event. 


“Free not frozen”

by Dr. Andrea Sibylle Claussen


Speaking about the freeze or flight default people experience under challenging situations and illustrates how this can be adapted through practice. 


Announcement coming soon!


Announcement coming soon!


Announcement coming soon!

“Freeing Yourself”

with Dr. Andrea Sibylle Claussen


Hosting a free dive masterclass in the on-site pool Andrea will teach you to develop body memory and eliminate the freeze or flight instinct during conflicts by learning to control your reactions.


Announcement coming soon!

Conference Seating

Announcement coming soon!

Conference Seating

Announcement coming soon!

Conference Seating

Keep in mind

1. Main stage area(1)_FullHD.jpg

Our role

To deliver an event (or retreat) that delivers unique immersive experiences with value-add and inspiration.


What the Wayfinders Summit is

Experts to hear from on stage, the talks

Real-time activities matched to the talks enable us to walk the talk

Clear steps towards your future and experiences that embody learning

What Wayfinders Summit is not

An overbooked and overlooked event

A sales event or corporate event

A stage speaker-only event

Your role

The attendees are the focus. Here is how you, an open-minded global professional woman, can add value and alignment. 


We are looking for attendees who

Don’t just dream it but do it

Have an international mindset, and lived abraod or moved countries/cities before

Value autonomy, independence, and diversity

Push boundaries & try different life models

Embody an adventurous spirit & fun!

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