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About Us

The Why

A vibrant and fulfilling life through the right balance for you –in work, in life, in purpose– connections and memorable experiences is a goal that many of us aim for.


In today’s world, when it comes to building our careers, creating financial freedom, or attaining independence, we’re not short of advice and tutorials on what we could or should do.


But what about the how? 


Tangible advice on next steps and accountability ensuring we get to where we want to be.


That’s what this is about.

We are three women who have experienced career changes, travelled the world through various careers, moved countries, drank a lot of wine, made some mistakes along the way and want to help others, not only avoid our pitfalls, but to build the life they want.

Raj said:

Wayfinders was a concept I put together because I want women to design a life they love and know how to build wealth to support that vision. (We often have to go to different sources to gain the knowledge we need to change our lives.)


Wayfinders Summit, in particular, was designed as an expansion of the retreats I love to host with Mayfly Maven, intimate gatherings where we learn from amazing women, uncover our own value, and leave inspired.


The critical component is sharing the "how" so women leave empowered with the knowledge and courage they need to make those changes and take their next steps towards their dreams. 


Once you have the mindset and the power to transform and design your world, you can be the catalyst for change to inspire others.

The founders

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