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Sponsoring & Representation

Making a Difference

June 13-15, 2024 · Toulouse, France

We’re contributing to making meaningful changes for women worldwide

and this is your opportunity to be a part of it.

Download the comprehensive Sponsorship options in the PDF below.

We are bringing together global professional women seeking options and opportunities for building financial independence so they can design the life they want. 


The Wayfinders Summit will support them in becoming the architects of their future.


A mix of TED-style talks and interactive activities enable our participants to action their learnings immediately, creating a dynamic and immersive experience to remember. 


As a sponsor, you’ll be demonstrating your support in contributing to the UN SDGs and taking tangible actions towards creating a more balanced world to live in.

It will increase your access to this affluential target group that can be allocated as you choose.

Wayfinders Summit supporting
United Nations Sustainable Development GoalsLearn more here


Sponsorship levels

1. Main stage area(1)_FullHD.jpg



Take Action: From €TBC | Benefit from maximum exposure and everything that comes along with it. Take to the stage or lead an immersive experience that will allow you to showcase your expertise and boost your profile.


1. Side of stage area for coffee_FullHD.jpg

Jet Setter


Show & Tell: From €5,000 | If you’re looking to share your expertise, but need the right forum, then this could be it. Ideal for a masterclass or to host a panel.


2. Separate bar area_FullHD.jpg



Meet & Greet: From €5,000 | Perhaps you’re launching a new product, have a story to share or want to engage with this specific audience of professional women, this level allows you to host a small, intimate gathering. The Coco Universe is the ideal blend of modern meets chic with a number of gorgeous meeting rooms that are perfect for hosting a meet & greet.





Media Only: From €2,500 | This is an ideal package if you’re starting out and looking to grow your audience and increase brand recognition, or have a new product to shout about. Your exhibition stand allows you to display your products and be in prime position for holding conversations with attendees who can find out more about you and who you are.





Founders Unite: From €1,000 | The summit is not just for CEOs and big well-known brands; everyone is welcome here and we believe that founders and entrepreneurs who are just starting out need a seat at the table too. This option allows you to take your product or idea to an external audience and connect with others.


Contact us at to discover the right level of engagement that’s right for you.

*All subject to approval by event organizers

Sponsor to provide approved logo and other content or information as required; Sponsor to provide optional promotional products, e.g. something useful to attendees such as free app subscriptions, phone covers, gadgets, journals, etc., as approved by event organisers.

We’re contributing to making meaningful changes for women worldwide

and this is your opportunity to be a part of it.

Your event team 

We are three highly professional women who know how to run a successful event, create momentum and initiate real change and impact. 

We will ensure you are represented at this event, and promoted to this target market, in high style – ensuring your representation at the event aligns with the core theme.

Let's make a difference together. 

Our sponsors

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